Photocopier Leasing

What Does It Mean to ‘Lease Photocopier Equipment’?

Photocopier leasing is a cost-effective solution for organisations that need a copier but aren’t looking to own it outright, as it can become quite costly to purchase the equipment in full. Choosing to lease copier equipment means you will be able to pay for it monthly or quarterly, usually over a fixed term of 12 to 60 months, which spreads out your costs over time instead of having to pay the entire price of the photocopier upfront.

From office spaces to schools, choosing to lease copier equipment can be a financially beneficial option for any organisation regardless of its size or turnover. Your Printing Solutions offer photocopier leasing services for a range of high spec devices and can advise on which copier would be the best for your copying needs, as well as guidance on whether leasing a copier is the right choice for you.

What Is the Difference Between Copier Leasing and Copier Rental?

Generally speaking, photocopier rental tends to be a shorter-term arrangement lasting for a matter of months, whereas a copier leasing agreement is better suited for those who intend to use the copier for several years. If your organisation would rather not be committed to a long-term agreement and you run projects that fluctuate in terms of type and volume of copying, then it would most likely be in your best interests to look into photocopier rental instead.

Your Printing Solutions have around 60 copiers available to rent on a short term, rolling rental basis, and have supplied ITV and BBC with photocopier equipment for their studios and on-location while filming is in progress. Photocopier rental is also suitable for convenience stores, petrol stations and post offices who don’t want to be tied into long term contracts. However, if your organisation is going to require regular and reliable copying services over a longer sustained period but you don’t intend to purchase a photocopier outright at full cost, the optimal option for you may be to lease a copier.

Advantages of Choosing to Lease Photocopier Equipment:

Low upfront costs
The actual cost of the copier is spread out over the term of the agreement, meaning you won’t have to pay the full price in one go

Fixed payments for the entirety of the lease
Your payment amount will always remain the same, regardless of whether interest rates rise

Tax allowable
The whole lease amount is fully tax allowable against your corporation tax payments as opposed to a reducing balance basis of an outright purchase

Payments can be arranged to suit your cash flow
You will be able to determine the length of the agreement and your payment schedule from the outset

Frees up your capital
Spreading your payments out over time means you will be able to consistently fund and develop your organisation

Adds assets to your organisation
Finance leases like photocopiers are considered ‘fixed assets’ on your balance sheet

More tax-efficient than owning assets outright
You will be able to offset leased/rental assets against taxable profits

New photocopier equipment mid-term
You will get all the benefits of new photocopier equipment without the hefty upfront costs, and you also have the option to easily swap out your leased equipment for new equipment mid-term, the most cost-effective method usually being to exchange equipment after 2 years on a 3 years lease and 3 years on a 5 years lease

Option to add to or upgrade your copier equipment
You will always have the option to add to or upgrade your copier equipment as your needs change and the technology evolves

Disadvantages of Choosing to Lease Photocopier Equipment:

Long-term fixed contract
You should expect to sign a contract that commits you to make payments towards the copier for at least 12 months

Must not sell or damage copier equipment
It is illegal to sell or deliberately damage the copier equipment as you will be effectively renting it until you have completed your agreed term, and accidental damage can lead to extra costs

Photocopier will not be owned by you
You will never fully own the equipment as it will still be owned by the company leasing it to you, and you will ultimately have to return it upon the end of the lease

Organisation must pass credit checks
New start-ups and those with poor credit ratings may not be approved to lease copier equipment and may be subject to personal assurances from the Directors

Must read the small print of the contract
You should always read the entire contract before committing your organisation to it, in case there are any unknown or unexpected clauses

What to Expect When You Lease a Photocopier From Your Printing Solutions

At Your Printing Solutions, we understand the importance of copying equipment when it comes to increasing your staff productivity and reducing your overall costs. Not only will we provide you with affordable leasing options for a wide variety of high spec photocopiers, we also carry out maintenance services that ensure your equipment is running at its maximum efficiency for the full duration of your contract.

When You Lease Copier Equipment From Us You Should Expect:

  • A leasing price that stays fixed regardless of whether interest rates change
  • Fast delivery of your photocopier equipment
  • Photocopier installation services to install your copier onto your IT network
  • 5-year warranty and service agreement
  • Replacement for toner and consumables, including automatic toner delivery
  • Full maintenance services
  • Technical support
  • Fast response for servicing

Who Do We Lease Photocopier Equipment To?

After carrying out the necessary credit checks, Your Printing Solutions can provide photocopier leasing services for any business or establishment that may need them.
Some of the types of organisations that we lease photocopier equipment to include:

  • Offices
  • Legal firms and solicitors
  • Estate agents & letting agents
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Primary schools, secondary schools & private schools & colleges
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Construction companies including building & electrical contractors

What Should You Take Into Consideration When Choosing Which Type of Photocopier to Lease?

Some elements that you should consider when choosing which copier to lease:

Photocopiers with the standard print speed will meet the requirements of smaller operations whereas organisations with more demanding printing needs would be better suited to a faster copier

Consider which functions you require, such as copying, scanning, printing, emailing, faxing, and stapling

Wireless connectivity
Wireless connectivity is an important aspect to consider depending on the size of your operation as it can provide more flexibility over machines that require a fixed connection

Network printing
This feature is useful when you have multiple people using one copier as it allows individuals to print documents even when they aren’t close to the device

Duplex printing
Some copiers offer duplex printing functionality which allows you to print on both sides of the paper

Automatic document feeder
A handy feature that increases the efficiency and consistency of the photocopier, for instance some of our machines can scan both sides of the paper at the same time

Black and white photocopier vs colour photocopier
Consider whether you need a full-colour copier as these can be more costly than black and white copiers, however via our Document Management software, we can default machines to copy in mono as standard and install “Rules Based” operations which would allow some users to only be able to print in mono or double-sided

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