Printer/Copier Repair & Maintenance

Support, Repairs, Toners & Service Contracts for Printers and Photocopiers

Your Printing Solutions have a wide range of new, up-to-date multi-function devices available to lease and rent, giving you a choice between all of the latest models and tech features. While our equipment is always top of the line in terms of functionality and reliability, you may require printer maintenance or photocopier maintenance services every so often to ensure your machines are running at their maximum efficiency. We have a network of experienced engineers who are also qualified to carry out printer repair and photocopier repair services, in the unfortunate event that your equipment breaks down.

As part of your lease or rental agreement, Your Printing Solutions offer a full range of repair and support services, including the supply of ink toners, replacement parts, emergency call outs and service contracts tailored to your needs. Read on to learn more about some of the signs that you may require printer or photocopier maintenance and repair services for your equipment.

Signs You Need Printer Maintenance/Photocopier Maintenance Services

Blurry lines
If you’ve noticed that small lines are appearing on your printed documents for no reason, this is a good sign you need to schedule printer maintenance as this issue will only worsen over time

Blots on prints
Seeing unwanted blotches of ink on your printed documents usually means that parts of the rollers are breaking off within the machine, which is a sure sign you require printer repair services

Unusual sounds
Your equipment should always run smoothly making minimal noise, so you should definitely request a maintenance check if you hear something unusual like a grinding or whirring sound, as it may indicate that you need printer repair services

Frequent paper jams
When paper gets stuck in the printer or photocopier equipment it is usually due to an uneven distribution of paper to the device’s roller, and while it is not uncommon for this issue to arise from time to time, frequent paper jams are a sign you need to schedule your equipment for maintenance services or a replacement roller

Seeing printer error codes regularly
Error codes on your multi-function devices indicate that there is a programmed error involved in the printing process which is usually due to the machine overheating, seeing these codes frequently is an indication that your devices need to be checked over

Excessive consumption of toner
If your prints seem to be using up far more toner than they actually are, this is a definite sign you need urgent printer maintenance or printer repair services as it indicates that the toner is collecting somewhere within the machine that it shouldn’t be

Inability to scan
You might need to schedule photocopier maintenance or photocopier repair services if you are noticing issues with your copier equipment such as paper jamming, a scanner that doesn’t operate when attempting to make a copy, or copies coming out either blank or with poor colour and contrast

Long warm-up times
Most printer and photocopiers take a little time to warm up before they can be used, however if your equipment is taking longer than five minutes to get started then it is probably time to schedule a maintenance check

Our Support Services:

  • Network of experienced engineers
  • Ink toners
  • Replacement parts
  • Full after-sales support
  • Repairs and service contracts

The Equipment We Service:

  • New and refurbished copiers/printers
  • Black and White and colour machines
  • Epson, Kyocera, Konica/Develop and UTAX

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