Photocopier Rental

What Is Photocopier Rental?

Photocopier rental is an ideal solution for organisations that need copier equipment for a short period of time, avoiding the commitment of a lengthy lease or costly outright purchase.

If you are considering whether you should rent photocopier equipment, think about your copying requirements and how long you might need the equipment for, as photocopier rental agreements usually last for a few days to several months. This is a cost-effective option for smaller operations or those who only expect to have a temporary increase in photocopying demands, allowing you to pay a fixed charge for the agreed-upon rental period as opposed to payments for a longer-term photocopier leasing contract or the cost of the machines in full.

Your Printing Solutions offer photocopier rental services for a range of high spec devices and can advise on which copier would be the best for your copying needs, as well as guidance on whether renting a copier is the right choice for you.

What Is the Difference Between Copier Rental and Copier Leasing?

In general, photocopier leasing contracts usually commit the organisation to monthly or quarterly payments over a term of 12 to 60 months, whereas rental agreements can range from just a single day up to several months. If you expect that your organisation is going to have a demand for copying equipment over a longer period of time, we would advise you to consider photocopier leasing instead.

Your Printing Solutions have around 60 copiers available to rent on a short term, rolling rental basis, and have supplied ITV and BBC with photocopier equipment for their studios and on-location while filming is in progress. Photocopier rental is also suitable for convenience stores, petrol stations and post offices who don’t want to be tied into long term contracts.

Advantages of Choosing to Rent Photocopier Equipment:

Affordable alternative to leasing or purchasing
Short term monthly rental fees are far more affordable than if you were to purchase photocopier equipment at full price

No tied-up capital
Low upfront costs mean that your organisation will have much more free capital instead of having it tied up in expensive purchased equipment

Relieves budgeting concerns
Rather than pay outright for copier equipment or have to be tied into a longer-term agreement like photocopier leasing, payments are spread out in a schedule of smaller monthly instalments, allowing you to organise your financial resources more effectively

Photocopier rental is a flexible solution when it comes to getting upgrades and making payments

No risk option
If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your rental copier equipment you are able to cancel your agreement without extra charges as there is no lengthy binding contract

Ability to arrange payments to suit your cash flow
The length of the rental period and schedule of payments can be negotiated at the start of your agreement

Tax allowable
The full rental charge is fully tax allowable against your corporation tax payments as opposed to a reducing balance basis of an outright purchase

Avoid obsolescence
Photocopier rental allows you to upgrade your equipment whenever you like, so you don’t have to worry about purchased equipment becoming out of date or obsolete

Keep up with the latest technology
Purchasing photocopier equipment would make your organisation financially responsible for any future upgrades while renting copier equipment allows you to upgrade to the latest models as they come out

Disadvantages of Choosing to Rent Photocopier Equipment:

Short-term rental agreement
Rental agreements usually only last for days to months making them ideal for organisations with short-term demands, however, if you expect your organisation to have long-term copying requirements that may increase over time then photocopier leasing may be a better option to consider

Mustn’t sell or damage copier equipment
You will be effectively borrowing the photocopier equipment from us for the duration of your rental agreement, so it is illegal to sell or damage it, and accidental damage may incur extra costs

Photocopier equipment not owned by you
You will ultimately have to return the copier equipment at the end of the rental period as it will always be owned by the company renting it to you

Who Do We Rent Photocopier Equipment To?

After passing the necessary credit checks, Your Printing Solutions provide photocopier rental options for any organisation that needs them, having previously supplied BBC and ITV with equipment for their studios and on-location filming.

The types of organisations we rent photocopier equipment to include:

  • Film production, television studios & on-location filming
  • Convenience stores & petrol stations
  • Post offices
  • Event and exhibitions
  • Temporary offices
  • New startups
  • Construction companies including building & electrical contractors

What to Expect When You Rent a Photocopier From Your Printing Solutions

Photocopier rental is an effective solution for organisations who want to maximise their productivity with the latest photocopier equipment while remaining budget-friendly without any lengthy and expensive commitments. Your Printing Solutions offer affordable photocopier rental options for a range of high spec copier devices and will provide maintenance services throughout the duration of your rental agreement to ensure your copier equipment is always running at its maximum capacity.

When You Rent Copier Equipment From Us You Should Expect:

  • Affordable rental payments
  • Payment schedule arranged to suit your organisation’s cash flow
  • Speedy delivery of your photocopier equipment
  • Photocopier installation services to install your equipment onto your IT network
  • Full maintenance services
  • Technical support
  • Fast response for servicing

We have new and refurbished copiers and both mono and colour devices available to rent on a monthly rolling basis, including the latest photocopier technology available from brands such as Epson, Kyocera, Konica/Develop and UTAX.

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