Document Management Systems

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Document management, otherwise known as a Document Management System (DMS), refers to the use of software that uses one central point to store, manage, and track your company’s electronic documents, such as PDFs, word processing files and electronic images of scanned paper-based information.

By organising and streamlining information to one centralised point, document management software drastically improves your organisation’s efficiency, and provides many benefits including access control, audit trails, and added security of documents and information – all while substantially reducing the need for paper records, saving you money and reducing unnecessary waste of resources.

Your Printing Solutions offer a range of document management systems and software solutions, including software provided by Filestar and AutoStore, and we also offer advice on how you can utilise our Document Management Systems to take your productivity to the next level.

What Features Does a Document Management System Provide?

Version control or ‘versioning’
By archiving old versions of documents within the system after they have been edited, document management software allows users to view the full version history of the content and track any changes that have been made

Integrates with other systems
Document management systems integrate with email programmes such as Microsoft Outlook, and are also able to integrate with your organisation’s CRM and ERP software

Security, access control and document recovery
Document management software includes built-in security features and adjustable access controls so you determine who has access to what

Enables electronic collaborative work
Features such as live editing, file sharing, plugins and access restriction allow users to share and collaborate on documents with ease

Scan and store physical files electronically
You have the ability to scan physical files, convert them into electronic document formats such as .doc, .pdf or .jpg files and then securely store them

Eliminates need for paper documents
Storing your organisation’s information and files electronically eliminates the necessity of paper documents, drastically reducing your overall costs and waste

Assists in inventory management
Document management systems can help your organisation track and replace inventory, with cloud programs enabling different locations to share inventory details

If you expect that your organisation will grow and expand its operations down the line, you can choose a document management system with advanced features that will meet your increasing documentation requirements as they happen

How Would Your Organisation Benefit From a Document Management System?

Increases overall productivity
Having a streamlined electronic filing system instead of a paper document system saves hours of company time that can be better utilised in other more important areas of your operations

Enhanced usability
Simplifies the process of editing, storing and sharing files within your organisation

Improves collaborative work
Collaborating on shared files can be done with ease using a document management system, allowing documents from varied sources to be accessed from multiple locations

Quick and easy document retrieval
Documents indexed into the document management system can be found in seconds and accessed remotely if needed

Reinforced document security
As your organisation is at risk of data breaches and storage issues, document management software provides peace of mind by protecting your information and files, and negates the risk of losing physical files in the event of a fire or flood

Improves regulatory compliance
Document management systems can help you reduce the risk of receiving fines, having licenses revoked and facing criminal liabilities by automating key documents so that they meet any necessary legal requirements

Reduces waste of finances and resources
Removes the need for your company to purchase paper for physical documents, which will save you money in addition to making your operations more environmentally friendly

The Document Management Software That We Offer:

AutoStore Express

AutoStore Express is server-based software that facilitates the capture of paper documents (invoices, legal documents, order forms etc.) into electronic formats for sharing, collaboration and use in a wide range of business applications. Using AutoStore Express also eliminates the risk of human error that can take place when dealing with a manual system of documentation.

Ideal for organisations of any size, AutoStore Express uses your existing infrastructure and adds information to its system from your organisation’s multifunction devices such as your copiers and scanners. Scanned documents are enhanced and professional integrated OCR software converts documents into digitally readable text which can be stored, sorted and tagged for easy retrieval and organisation.


  • Easy setup
  • PDF & PDF/A support
  • SharePoint support
  • 1D barcode recognition
  • Customisable Workflows


  • Streamlined workflows
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Eliminate the need to store paper documents

Filestar Document Management

Filestar is a Cloud-Based document management solution that simplifies the process of converting your paper documents into searchable, sortable digital image and video documents. The software organises these scanned files along with your electronic files, providing your organisation with an easy to use, intuitive document management system. If your in-house scanners or multi-functional devices can save files to a Windows folder then it will integrate with Filestar.

The Filestar interface is accessed via a web browser, making files easily accessible no matter where you are or what device you are using, and can either be hosted in the cloud or installed directly onto your organisation’s server depending on your operational requirements. User access controls give administrators full control of which files individual users have access to.


  • Cloud Based
  • Works with any MFD that can save to Windows
  • Integrated OCR
  • Auto-create and auto name files
  • Indexing for easy search


  • Eliminate server costs
  • Reduce paper based documents
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Eliminate the need to store paper documents
  • Aids compliance requirements




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