22nd November 2021

Explaining the Differences Between Copier Leasing and Copier Rental

Although the two terms seem interchangeable, copier leasing and copier rental are two different services suitable for different projects, budgets, and timescales. It can be difficult to know which service is best for your business – we have explained the two terms below to help you decide whether you should opt for copier leasing or… Read more »

15th November 2021

Should You Rent, Lease, or Buy Photocopier Equipment?

To Rent, To Lease, or To Purchase Copier Equipment? Knowing whether to rent, lease, or purchase photocopier equipment can be quite difficult if you’re unsure of what each of these three options actually entails. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, being better suited for different types of operations based on aspects like the… Read more »

01st November 2021

Photocopier Rental for Construction and Building Companies

What Does it Mean to Rent Copier Equipment? When you rent copier equipment from a company like Your Printing Solutions, you get all the benefits of new high-spec copier equipment without having to pay the full price of the equipment upfront. While photocopier leasing is one way to do this, it is better suited for… Read more »

18th October 2021

Benefits of Leasing Photocopier Equipment For Your Business

What is Photocopier Leasing? When you lease photocopier equipment from a company like Your Printing Solutions, you enter into an agreement that lets you have all the benefits of brand new devices, while allowing your business to spread out the cost of the machinery over a longer term. Photocopier leasing contracts typically involve monthly or… Read more »

04th October 2021

How to Decrease Photocopier Maintenance Expenses

Common Copier Problems that Can be Solved In-House You can save money that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary copier maintenance and repair costs by fixing these common problems in-house. Paper Jams Paper jams are one of the most common problems faced by printers and copiers. Typically, paper jams are caused by one of the… Read more »

27th September 2021

What is a Wide Format Printer?

What is Wide-Format Printing? Also referred to as large format or grand format, wide-format printing is a method of printing large, high-quality prints onto large rolls of print media. It requires specialised wide-format printer devices, which are larger and more powerful than commercial or office printers. Wide-format printers are designed especially for high-production capacity, functioning… Read more »

13th September 2021

Photocopier Maintenance Tips

Photocopier Maintenance Tips Photocopiers are often one of the most integral parts of an organisation’s operations – we rely on our copiers and multifunction devices to print, scan, copy, and fax copious amounts of documents on a daily basis. So, when things go wrong with the equipment and there are disruptions to its service, it… Read more »

23rd August 2021

Can a Printer Be Hacked?

When working with any kind of technology to process private information, you always have to be prepared for the potential ways that hackers and other malicious third parties may try to infiltrate your system and gain access to your data. You’ve probably considered the security of the computers, phones, and tablets used in your daily… Read more »

26th July 2021

How to Reduce Your Printing and Photocopying Costs

For many organisations, the amount spent on printing and copying will make up a large portion of their monthly expenses. Between the equipment, toner, paper, and any money spent on repairs and maintenance services the equipment needs over its lifetime, the costs can start to pile up – this is especially true if the organisation… Read more »

12th July 2021

Printer and Copier Specification Terminology Explained

When it comes to choosing the right printer or copier, it can be quite a daunting task if you’re not completely sure what all of the different printer terms and specifications mean. Aspects like the type of printer, the connection interface, and the printer RAM to name a few, all need to be taken into… Read more »