Photocopier Rental for Construction and Building Companies

01st November 2021

What Does it Mean to Rent Copier Equipment?

When you rent copier equipment from a company like Your Printing Solutions, you get all the benefits of new high-spec copier equipment without having to pay the full price of the equipment upfront. While photocopier leasing is one way to do this, it is better suited for longer-term setups; photocopier rental typically involves a shorter-term, monthly rolling contract, with the majority of rental agreements spanning from one single day up to several months long.

Photocopier rental is best suited for mobile businesses that expect to have short-term copying and printing requirements. For this reason, copier rental is the most popular option for use in the construction industry where companies typically require flexible short-term printing solutions at a minimal expense.

Benefits of Photocopier Rental for Construction and Building Companies

Meets On-Site Printing Needs 

By choosing to rent copier equipment, your construction business will always have access to the most up-to-date high-spec devices. With the latest technology, you will always be able to meet your on-site printing or copying needs; whether it be architectural drawings, schedules, work orders, safety reports, or any other type of high-quality professional document needed on your site, your devices will be up to the mark.

Provides a Short-Term Printing Solution

Construction companies often move frequently from location to location on contracts of 6 months or less, making it financially unviable for them to purchase copier equipment outright. Copier leasing also tends to be unsuitable for construction companies, as leasing agreements are typically taken out for 3 to 5 years. And, in addition to the financial aspect, transporting the equipment from one location to another is highly impractical for companies that move around relatively frequently.

Reduces Downtime

Time is money, especially when it comes to construction projects that are constricted by tight schedules. The high volume of copying and printing required by most construction companies means that the copier devices need to be durable and reliable. When you rent copier equipment, you will receive brand new devices that will meet the mark regardless of your document output volume.

Having brand new copier equipment ensures that downtime from malfunctioning or slow devices is minimal, if non-existent. Your rental provider will provide you with replacement supplies like ink and toner to keep your copier stocked up at all times. Also, incorporating repair and maintenance services in your rental agreement means you have a mechanic on hand to make sure your devices are in optimal working order.

Eliminates Expense of Training or Installation

When you purchase copier equipment, you are responsible for arranging the installation of the devices along with any training your workforce requires to use them. By choosing to rent copier equipment instead, you eliminate these expenses as they can be covered by your rental provider.

As part of your agreement, your rental provider will install the equipment correctly on-site and ensure that everything is working smoothly. They will then provide your workforce with training on how to use the equipment properly and maximise efficiency. This is a particularly useful aspect of copier rental for construction companies, as this industry often sees a lot of transient workers; it significantly reduces the extra expense of having to train new members of staff coming in and out of the business.

Eases Budgeting

With all of the expenses involved in construction, renting copier equipment can ease budgeting concerns in this area of the business. Instead of having to pay the full price of the equipment up-front, you can spread out the cost into smaller payments as per your rental agreement. This enables you to better arrange your business’ financial resources and direct them to more important areas of the business.

Provides More Flexibility in Operations

Overall, copier rental simply offers much more flexibility than purchasing or even leasing the same equipment. This is essential in an industry like construction, where sites, staff, and operations often tend to be of a temporary nature. Instead of being tied down to a depreciating asset or long-term contract, copier rental provides you with a flexible short-term agreement that you can tailor to suit your business needs. From the equipment to extras like supplies, repairs, and maintenance works, copier rental is the most flexible and low-commitment printing solution available for construction companies.